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Direct marketing still exists. Email marketing allows for direct outreach into the personal inboxes of your email subscriber base. 

Successful campaigns begin with analysing and setting specific goals for open rates and engagement metrics throughout your nurturing funnel, including end sales targets. 

Tracking metrics from email campaigns allows you to discover improvements, including changes driven by  content, message delivery and dropout pinch points. Finding efficiencies in your funnel strategy improves the effectiveness of campaigns. 

Build, test, review and adapt your email marketing strategy to keep people engaged. Offer value to customers and remind them of your brand while introducing all your new sales offerings.

Client Review

"With our firm's digital marketing, the main objective was to find and fix most of the foundational areas and that every strategy would focus on increasing traffic and conversions. Analyses and research yielded insights and recommendations. From those came the tactical changes in the areas of: On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, CRO, Local SEO, SEO/SEM optimizations, experimenting with different SEM campaigns, along with content creation. 145.57% Growth in overall traffic. 120.85% Growth in overall conversions."
- MVSLaw, Toronto Ontario

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