FAQs for Marketing Managers, Entrepreneurs & Enterprises

Why choose an agency over consultants and/or freelancers?

Our agency consists of experienced marketing professionals who specialize in all facets of technical and creative work. Consultants and freelancers can’t match the quality and agility of our tightly-knit marketing team.

I’ve experienced transparency and communication issues with consultants, freelancers and agencies before - how is Fifth and Bull different?

Your business goals become our obsession. Fifth and Bull develops campaigns which align with the goals of our clients, including transparent communication of progress throughout our collaboration process.

My current campaign requires freelancers and consultants from multiple industries - will a single agency cover all our digital marketing needs?

Fifth and Bull features specialized teams which collaborate to deliver timely results via technical and creative fulfillment. This begins with analysis of your digital marketing profile and a full understanding of your short, medium and long-term business goals. 

We believe that today’s digital landscape is hyper competitive, so we perform a review of your competition. Our in-depth discovery, research and analysis process reveals the information necessary to craft winning digital strategies. 

Together, we create an implementation map that focuses on the accomplishment of your goals. After execution of monthly phases of the marketing plan, Fifth and Bull measures and communicates the results.

How much experience do you have?

Marketing veterans and entrepreneurs with more than 15 years of successful digital business scaling will work on your campaign, similar to a in-house marketing department but without the hassle.

How much time do you dedicate to my account monthly?

We mutually agree on the amount of time invested, which is determined by your specific goals, the size of your business and the scale and speed of the results you desire.

Do you provide detailed client reports?

Absolutely – Fifth and Bull provides reporting for all clients to ensure clear communication. Our metrics include KPIs which indicate the fulfillment of specific goals which have been mutually agreed upon.

How do you stay accountable?

In addition to dedicated Account Executives assigned to your campaign, you’ll be able to access founding  partners directly to ensure all goals are being met.

Do you offer service plans or “À La Carte” options?

We provide structured plans for all clients, including SMBs, SMEs and Enterprise businesses, instead of individual services.

How does billing work?

Our fees are completely transparent, invoiced on a monthly basis according to the plan we agree upon. Put simply, there are never surprise fees.

Who do I have access to? Am I limited to a single point of contact?

Unlike other agencies, you’ll have access to Fifth & Bull founding partners at scheduled touchpoints to  ensure all goals are met. You also get a dedicated Account Executive assigned to your accounts.

Mind if I drop by to check out your office site?

Sure thing – we can arrange site visits as required.

Do I need to drop by your office for meetings?

We offer the flexibility to be present for in-person or remote meetings, depending on your technology needs.

Do you have experience working with Marketing Managers?

Of course – our agency consists of industry veterans from different business models and sizes.

Have you worked with businesses of our scale?

Fifth and Bull marketing veterans have worked with businesses of all sizes, including small, mid-sized companies and enterprise-level businesses, along with large digital departments in Fortune 500 corporations.

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Client Review

"With our firm's digital marketing, the main objective was to find and fix most of the foundational areas and that every strategy would focus on increasing traffic and conversions. Analyses and research yielded insights and recommendations. From those came the tactical changes in the areas of: On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, CRO, Local SEO, SEO/SEM optimizations, experimenting with different SEM campaigns, along with content creation. 145.57% Growth in overall traffic. 120.85% Growth in overall conversions."
- MVSLaw, Toronto Ontario

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